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Wake Up Crazy World! Thomas Vincent Murphy

Wake Up Crazy World!

Thomas Vincent Murphy

Published March 19th 2014
ISBN : 9781629522227
280 pages
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 About the Book 

Over the years, Hollywood has learned the secret of how to captivate our minds through the art of make-believe. Life in our world has become so unpredictable and uncertain, that it has become hard to distinguish between real-life and make-believe. Its time for Gods true people to wake up, and distance themselves as much as possible from the perils of a negative world- and take time to live a life filled with hope and promise. Putting our trust in God, loving and enjoying our families, respecting others and showing appreciation to our friends can put us in the frame of mind to continuously thank God for the precious time He has allowed us on this earth. Thomas Vincent Murphy has been involved in the music industry as a writer, arranger, producer and performer. He has been a major part of many music projects and productions. His peers, the public and the critics have given him high marks- but his desire to please God keeps him humble in a world filled with arrogant people. He has worked closely with radio and television for years by writing jingles, music for television commercials seen worldwide, being music director for a television program, and by hosting and being the executive producer of his own radio programs. His Christian variety program Murphs Positive Reflections is being heard worldwide in individual markets and by advanced satellite technology and the internet. He enjoys broadcasting his live weekly program from The Broadcast Center in NW Florida each Sunday- which is a varied version of the worldwide program. As a newspaper columnist, hes able to reach people with positive messages each week through his writings. Thomas is thankful to God for his family, many blessings, gifts and opportunities.