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Snowball The Oddball Kobold Victoria Zigler

Snowball The Oddball Kobold

Victoria Zigler

Published September 2nd 2013
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Snowball is a white kobold- something so rare that the other kobolds in his tribe won’t accept him as a proper kobold. In fact, they delight in making poor Snowball’s life miserable. But Snowball is determined that some day he’ll show them that there’s nothing wrong with being a white kobold.One day, in Snowball’s tenth Winter, something strange comes to the mountains where Snowball and his tribe live. The kobolds want to know what it is, but with their red-brown colour they’ll be spotted much too easily in the snow. Only Snowball, with his white colouring, has a chance of investigating without being spotted. Could this be Snowball’s chance to prove he’s a useful member of his tribe and finally be accepted as a proper kobold?