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Abandoned By The Church Stevie Rutledge

Abandoned By The Church

Stevie Rutledge

Kindle Edition
176 pages
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 About the Book 

Abandoned By The Church reveals that the author, who as a child was raised behind the scenes of the church with its obvious flaws and issues, found it extremely difficult to fully embrace her relationship with God. Through its pages, Rutledge shares her thoughts and challenges questioning the nature of conservative and traditional Christianity and the understanding of God’s love and God’s word emphasized yet often contradicted by the actions of the so-called judgmental “Church Foke” around her.“We as Christians must learn to accept all who enter the church doors without judgment of gender, skin color, attire, and body hygiene and personality conflicts. We must learn to love others as God loves us despite our religious conflicts or beliefs. Otherwise the church doors will become a revolving vicious cycle of unresolved issues and a mockery to the rest of the world,” Rutledge expressed in the book.As Rutledge shares her life experiences and often heart breaking journeys traveled due to her issues with the church, readers will be captivated by her strength and determination to understand Christianity and the true function of the church without the stigma of fear and judgment but the realization of freedom. This book is a clear indictment towards the church, the processes currently set in place and the questionable leadership assigned. Abandoned By The Church will undoubtedly force you to view the church differently, but more importantly, it will inspire you to reevaluate your relationship with God, His believers and the non believers as well. Ultimately, this book calls for a dramatic reform of the church.