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1963 Oceanside High School Dick Selby

1963 Oceanside High School

Dick Selby

Published September 1st 2011
ISBN : 9781461184263
190 pages
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 About the Book 

Thirteen graduates of Oceanside High Schools class of 1963 set out into the world. They are young and excited and the world is at their finger tips. One of these graduates travels to Europe just two days after graduation and returns a changed person. Hes gone from being a boy to a man. Another marries just several months later and becomes a mom by the age of 19. Soon they will be faced with some of the most difficult issues imaginable: the draft, Vietnam, college, just making it on their own, relationships, divorce, and even the advent of ones own death. Life is not easy as they experience all that life brings. In this book theyve all now turned sixty-five and they look back on what has happened. They take an honest look at themselves and share their lives, their loves, their successes and their failures. And most importantly, these 13 share the wisdom they have learned over these many years on how to be happy, no matter what happens to them.