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Army Bad Lads Jaypbee

Army Bad Lads


Published January 28th 2013
ISBN : 9781482099423
76 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

All you need to be concerned about is the three respects. The first is to respect your superior officers and obey their commands. The second is respect your fellow comrades as if they were your brothers or lovers and the third is respect for yourself - advice given by Staff Sergeant William Chorsford to his recruits. This fictional story charts the ups and downs of 100 recruits training at Yulton-On-Moor Barracks, the first UK training camp to be purpose built in living memory seen through the eyes of Private Ross Hinkly, Corporal Craig Depple, Sergeant Ballum and Staff Sergeant William Chorsford. Over a period of eight weeks the recruits are transformed from total novices into soldiers talented in both the art of warfare and also the art of physical love between men. Follow the recruits as they experience their first physical and medical assessments- learn about personal hygiene- endure square bashing, yomping and marching- engage in night time manoeuvres and combat training. At the same time they learn what it means to truly love and respect your fellow comrade.