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Chester Mélanie Watt


Mélanie Watt

Published 2011
ISBN : 9783791522456
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 About the Book 

Got this out of the library for my 5 year old, and adored it. Laughed so hard I couldnt read the story coherently, which actually would have been a little tricky under any circumstances, as I had to pause a lot to explain the wacky postmodern premise of the book to my slightly puzzled boy. Essentially Chester the cat and Melanie Watt the author are fighting for control over the narration of a sweet story about a mouse, Chester being particularly aggressive, crossing out lines and drawing (gently) rude pictures. I also had to explain to T such book elements as dedications and author bios, which Chester, with his bright red pen has also had a hand in. The circle on the front cover which reads (in Chesters hand) Place My Award Here expresses the spirit of the book perfectly.