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A Night of the Arts J.M. Keep

A Night of the Arts

J.M. Keep

Published January 19th 2013
Kindle Edition
20 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A woman lays, naked and worshiped, before a group of wealthy men.Lillian arranges for some of the elite men in the city to come to an exclusive book reading. What really catches their attention, however, is her nude, voluptuous form as it is so expertly played by her sensuous lover for all to enjoy. Whats to follow is a scene of pussy worship that will make you blush and writhe.Warning: The attention to detail and delicious descriptions of the female form will leave you hungering for another night of the arts. An arousing short of over 3,000 words,~~Excerpt:Lillian let her arms drop in front of her with a tiny ooh, her throat cooing as she fingered the bookmark with its gold little tassels, tucking it into the book. Her rich voice paused to strengthen from the prolonged narrative as she glanced to each of the men whom fidgeted in their seat. She placed the book down on the floor, and then looked over at Marcus, patting the plush fabric in front of her, There will now be a short intermission, she said as her eyes wandered Marcuss form as he disrobed.He reached his hands under the corners of his tight, silken shirt as he tugged it up over his toned abs, his well-muscled pecs, and his firm biceps. He lowered his arms to his side, hands fondling his belt buckle before teasingly opening it, letting it fall open to the sides of his pants, quickly undoing the buttons. Pealing the tight material away, he revealed his hairless pubic region and the top quarter of his blood filled member, throbbing against the tight constraints of his clinging garments.He lowered the pants readily, his firm cock pouncing for its newfound freedom. Already a slight dab of precum glistened on the tip of his deeply hued head as it bounced with his movements before he finally removed the last stitch of clothing. Moving forward in front of the four other men with a haughty stride, his bare backside and legs toned and curved to paint a lovely picture of power.He sat at the area Lillian had been lovingly stroking with her fingertips, right in front of her stomach as she had watched him reveal his body without an ounce of shame or reservation. Her smooth form moved as she made room for him, her breasts rippling and rubbing together as she shifted, parting her thighs to reveal her shaved mound but for a teasing trail of hair right above the top of her slit. Her inner lips poked through as she revealed herself, the darker pink of her inner labia glossy and textured. Her clitoral hood remained covered by her protective outer lips, the flesh soft and delicate, exposed to the exhibitionist crowd.